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A security audit is an essential tool for assessing the security level of a given facility.

A security audit is a basic tool for assessing the security level of a given facility. The Audit involves a comprehensive analysis of the current state of security, identification of all threats, both in and out the facility, verification of the security personnel effectiveness, as well as a review of the selected security procedures versus the current level of threats. Conducting this audit primarily aims to indicate an optimal protection option and to develop a custom-tailored security system model.


The security audit is carried out by security specialists with a thorough knowledge of security and many years of experience in auditing the highest risk facilities.


We carry out internal security audits of facilities protected by DGP Security Partner Sp. z o.o. and external audits of facilities not protected by DGP Security Partner, including technical, fire, ICT and mechanical security analyses for diverse purpose and operation facilities.


Sample scope covered by the Security Audit includes, but is not limited to:


analysis of potential and factual internal and external risks to the facility,

functional assessment of the facility’s existing physical and technical security system, including in particular electronic security (alarm systems, CCTV, etc.),

evaluation of the complementarity and of interoperability of the individual elements of the facility’s security system

security testing carried out at various times during the operation of the facility,

analysis of the existing documentation in terms of facility’s security, including, among others, the security plan with all its annexes and appendices, documentation on facility’s technical security, facility rules and regulations, design documentation (with regard to compliance with fire protection requirements),

occupational health and safety risk analysis.

After conducting a security audit, a security level report is prepared, presenting an assessment of the existing security system at the facility and proposed solutions to optimise the security of the facility, including the implementation of procedures to eliminate or minimise the risks and threats to facility’s operation identified during the audit.

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